Wednesday, June 30, 2021

All Calamities Diverted

 Several encouraging follow-ups. Well maybe not several, but three.  That's a start.

First and foremost Faith.
For those who missed the "Close Call" post, Faith tangled with a husky (don't know who started it) and lost the fight.  She had a pretty good rip in her throat and a smaller wound on the back of her neck.  Fast forward to today and look how good this pretty girl looks.


The wound below her collar has healed wonderfully and her antics have returned to normal.  Thumbs up.


Last week Goldie got an epsom salt bath and a three-day wormer regime.  Knock on wood the girl is behaving A-OK.  No more lethary, no more standing in the corner, no more wanting to stay in the coop.  I'm not sure we're completely out of the woods but so far so good (in February I thought Lilly, along with Sweet Pea, had been "cured" but sadly things went downhill). 


And lastly the little girls are doing quite well, growing and thriving.  

While the big girls are out for their free range time, the little girls get the run of the entire coop and they love it.  They're starting to understand the routine; after two hours you must go back inside the coop  from the run and to your own side of the coop, dividing door closed.

There was an accidental co-mingling and amazingly no one was bothered.  The little girls are almost the size of the red bantams.  But, Violet, Jewel, and Henrietta should stay on their little girl food for another two months so permanent co-mingling is not possible yet.  Based on their brief encounter, though, it should go smoothly.

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Another tasty vegan recipe that even got a positive review from Rick.

Asparagus, Radish and New Potato Salad

All right, this is Nigella's photo, not mine, but my version was totally photogenic too.

Check out the recipe here
Of course I substituted a non-dairy milk for the buttermilk (added a tablespoon of vinegar to emulate the taste)

Perfect for a hot summer day. 

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