Monday, June 21, 2021


 Meet the foodie of our little herd of three.

Yes, Spice.  First one in off the pasture to get hay.  First one to hear the lid come off the garbage can with either supplement or Senior (which is oh so yummy).

Spice is also the one who pushes her derriere against me if I'm not tending to her.  Every day. Multiple times a day.

I can only interpret it as attention seeking. It's often unexpected and if I'm bent over, I have to get my balance quickly or go on over.  Thank you Spice.

Sugar makes it known she believes she rules the herd.  Always first in line at the gate, shooing away the other two.  Banging the gate.  Posturing her way into everyone's food bowls.  Oh yes, Sugar with a very capital S.  But she's smart enough to know not to pull her little shenanigans with  me.

And then there's Gabby.  My girl.  I still wonder if she feels like odd girl out without her mom or dad there.  I think she's a beauty.  Not cute, but a real beauty.  Always have.

Yesterday while in the chicken coop, with the door pulled closed so chickens couldn't escape, but not latched, the door slowly creaked open, then it opened a bit wider and guess who was peeking in.

Gabariella in front, telling Sugar to back off

I will freely admit I laugh at and love them all, but am partial to Gabby.  
One of her other "endearing" traits is the ear-splitting bray she feels is necessary when you're standing two feet away.  It's always food related.  I guess I don't move quickly enough for her pleasure.  Better work on that...

Please keep Goldie in your thoughts.  She's acting "off", the first sign of trouble.  A little lethargic, slow to move, going off by herself.   

I'm going to start with an egg bound analysis tomorrow and probably an epsom salt bath.  If that doesn't seem to do the trick I turn to a wormer.  

This little girl needs to feel better!


  1. Lovely pictures of the donks. I think the three of them are beautiful and love spice's forelock. Sending healing vibes to Goldie and hope it is something and nothing and that she bounces back. These chickens can be real mysteries. Lots of love Goldie.