Monday, January 17, 2022

Chonkey Shenanigans

 The three marauding chickens really got my goat this afternoon.  Good thing the season ensures neighbors' windows aren't open, because the language was flying.

I had returned home from getting some donkey supplies at Tractor Supply and grocery shopping (never a quick proposition nowadays) and had stopped at the gate to give lunch to the donks and treats to the hens.  Everything was A-OK until I headed back to the car to get to the house to unpack groceries when -- what?! -- a loose chicken.  I went round and round trying to get her (Jewel?) back in the coop, but no dice.  Just when I thought I had her in, the other two marauders escaped with one of the bantams they're turning to the dark side -- either Helen or Marigold..  At that point I threw up my hands and said fine.  Stay out in the cold cuz I'm leaving.  After grocery duty I sat down, ate a leisurely lunch and only then did I relent and go back out to try to coral them back in.  And in they came.  Contrite? -- never!

Similar to this afternoon's scene -- see the renegade just to the right of Spice?

Last week we came close to a hay aisle debaucle.

Yes, it was my fault.  I didn't lock the hay aisle latch and when I arrived for donkey lunch, the door was wide open with a donk in the aisle.  When I started yelling "OUT", whomever it was backed out and I expected to see a disaster.  But no!  Two garbage cans, one with Equine Senior which the donkeys adore and the with my chicken feed concoction, were both upright with lids on.  Yet another "what?!"  Apparently the girls aren't as good at creating a hay aisle nightmare as Luigi.  And he was the master.  I expected to find the shavings bag askew, the bag of garbage strewn, the nearest hay bale pulled asunder, rakes scattered in the yard.  Most likely I stood there in shock and disbelief.

The Master

In spite of his great havoc skills, after nearly a year the boy is sorely missed.

In case you've missed the Olive and Mabel you tube series, and if you're a dog lover and would like a chuckle, here is one of many you can find.  They never fail to delight.

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