Thursday, January 13, 2022

Donkeys -- Delightful or Demanding

 A few weeks ago I instituted, on the advice of the HR department, the Donkey of the Day award.  Quite similar to Employee of the Month, but in this case the recipient receives extra butt scratches and body rubs.  Did it act as an incentive to showcase exemplary behavior.


For instance, as soon as the three donks hear the garbage lid come off the can containing Equine Senior, they rush to the hay aisle and get pretty demanding.  What you hear in the video is probably a fifth of the symphony that erupts. 

Speaking of ill-behaved, the three chicken marauders take the top medal.  In case you haven't guessed, yes it's the three young girls.  They are into mischief constantly, steal all treats -- in fact sometimes I lock them out of the coop for a few minutes so the older and reticent girls get a chance -- and are under my feet constantly.  And you know Violet is the worse offender.

Prior to winter the three were manageable but now that free range time is at a premium, they test my patience on a daily basis.

In times of calm, though, all is right with the world



  1. Alwys love your videos Janet. Happy munching donks - just lovely! Tell Violet I'll send her a message via a pigeon carrier to give her a good telling off for playing up at the moment. Looks like you have your hands full there with those 3 cheeky young ladies. At least they are keeping you on your toes. Never a dull moment. They don't want you to be bored and I am sure they enjoy their games with you. Love to them all.

    1. Louise, I'm counting on you to have that talk with Violet!