Monday, January 3, 2022

View From My Window

 Facebook users may be familiar with the international group "View From My Window".  You might want to take a look - views as varied as the grandeur of an Alaskan landscape to that of a brick wall.  All over the world.

I thought I'd do a mini version for you here.

From the kitchen window, a view of the birds and squirrels eating and drinking 

There's another bird feeder further down the deck and a squirrel feeder, but this is the view most seen.

Same window, a view of these two lovelies 
I was trying to remain quite still

This is actually a cheater picture - not from the window but a few yards up the driveway.  But it's one of my favorites after a snowfall..

Speaking of snow, two of the donks tried to duplicate the original snowy faces photo from quite a few years ago with the three amigos. (see photo on right of home page, fourth down)

They gave it a good try but it doesn't have that certain something of the original.

Finally, I experimented with the DIY coconut oil "suet" for the clucks. 

One half cup each of organic oats, raisins, peanuts, Grubblies and a bit of cinnamon.

the dry mixture mixed with the melted coconut oil in an 8x8 pan

After cutting the solid suet into quarters I did have a bit of a problem getting the squares out intact.  The best of the lot was put in the suet holder hanging in the chicken porch.  Since I had much of the loose mixture left they've been getting that as a treat too.

And finally to make you smile, here is the wrapping paper I found at Tractor Supply. 


  1. Loved seeing your views from the window and your driveway. Looks absolutely stunning in the snow, as do the donks. I think you are spoiling those chooks Janet with your lovely recipies (but hey they are so worth it and I hope they were all very grateful). Might give that a go myself. It's a good job my lot didn't see those tasty photo's or they would be demanding flight tickets straight to Michigan!! Laughed at that wrapping paper - how lovely. It just looks too nice to use.

    1. Louise, a visit from you and your chooks would be welcome!