Monday, August 22, 2022

Bumblefoot or Leg Mites

Well, here's the deal.  
I don't check chicken feet on a regular basis.  Maybe I've learned my lesson.
I just happened to glance down at Marigold's little footsies a little over a week ago and said, crap.

She had what I thought to be bumblefoot, a staph infection.  About 10 days ago we started treating her:
15 minute epsom salt soak
antibiotic spray
after a couple of days added Prid drawing salve, then changed to vaseline

Every day until the following Thursday, at which point I picked the brain of my naturopathic doctor who used to own chickens.  I explained I wasn't sure her condition could be leg mites, which of course requires a different treatment.  After a thorough discussion we came up with the new protocol instituted three days ago:
15 minute epsom salt/soapy soak
Prid (sometimes adding antibiotic spray)

Warning: icky feet alert

See the bumps (indicating bumblefoot) and then there are the raised scaly areas probably indicating mites.

stock photo chicken feet
although my chicken's feet are not quite so pristine 

Anyway, through comparison you can see Marigold's abnormal ickies.

It's a slow improvement but Rick and I both see better looking feet on the girl.  Believe me, it's a two-person job to soak, swab, and wrap.

The first day of treatment Marigold said what the heck is on my feet.

She continues to hate each aspect of the treatment but is slightly more compliant.

Then I noticed Gabby was limping.  Except it was subtle enough I wasn't sure.  Felt her legs for heat.  Nope.  Felt her foot for heat.  Nope.  Picked out her teeny hoof.  Aha, a pebble.  Perhaps a stone bruise?  A little bute for pain relief, now we wait for improvement. 
Cross your fingers and toes.

Last time we spoke I neglected to show you the jim dandy wasp nest at the donkey gazebo. Neither Rick nor I noticed the darn thing until it was a house large enough for all the in-laws.  So, we've taken the "if we leave you alone, you'll leave us alone" approach.  It's been over two weeks and so far so good.

No more upsets for the moment.


  1. You are keeping busy with caring for your animals and then that amazing wasp nest appears.

  2. Hi Janet. Aggie's feet were exactly the same a few months ago. Raised scales!! I treated her with stuff for scaly leg (mites) and most of her scales fell off. She has a few that are still sticking up and to be honest her feet look a real mess. No new scales have grown back yet. She is fine though and I think I need to stop worrying so much. Poor Aggie is purple again as Vera will not stop pecking her chest at every opportunity. So overall, she looks a terrible state but thank fully quite happy and (I am touching wood now like crazy), healthy.

  3. So sorry to hear about your poor Fluffy. Such a sad thing to happen and I know that you will miss her very much. Please don't blame yourself as these things unfortunately do happen. She was so lucky to have such a splendid life with you, so remember the happiness you have given her and the happy memories she has given you. Sending love from Cheshire.