Monday, August 8, 2022

Chickens Just Gotta Have Fun

 I know you've been asking yourself, what the heck do your crazy clucks do to have fun.
The answer -- play in poop.  Donkey poop.

Pegs illustrates only too well what all the girls do during morning chores.  Play in poop.

Fun thing #2
Attack any and all treats like the little dinosaurs they are.

The bottom cup made the girls swoon -- bananas, their all-time favorite, and frozen bleubs.
(three crazy donks got the other cup)

Fun thing #3
Luxurious dust baths

I hated to catch the moment through the fence but time was of the essence. 

Fun thing #4
Scratching in the dirt for goodies

Fun thing #5
Scaring me to death

One of these days I'll surprise one of the girls during a sprawled-out-in-the-dirt nap.  The first time I saw Sweet Pea snoozing like this I was certain she was dead.

* * * * * * Just Say Yes * * * * * *

A few days ago I whomped up a loaf of vegan blueberry bread, which just means I used non-dairy milk and no eggs.  Not only is this recipe tasty, but is forgiving.  After I had mixed all ingredients correctly I realized my 1/4 cup of oil was sitting on the counter.  Out of the loaf pan and back into the mixing bowl.  Didn't appear to bother the bread at all.  Which explains the less than pretty presentation.

Let me add one note.  The first time I made the bread I thought after adding the one cup of blueberries, that's not enough, we need more!  No, no, no.  Didn't work at all.  Keep it to one cup.   

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  1. As usual, love your little videos of the girls. They are lucky girls having so much fun and with so much to do. They look great and so very happy. You are a wonderful chicken mother!