Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Mr. Luigi, comedian

I finally learned after about four months of donkeydom to not leave a partially filled wheelbarrow in their yard. About 60% of the time I would find the contents on the ground beside it and have to re-scoop. Now, why it took me that long to figure out I should park it outside the gate is anyone's guess. Well, today during morning clean, I'm working in an area right outside the shed, lost in thought about the workday to come, turn around and Luigi has dumped the wheelbarrow. (he takes one of the handles in his mouth and lifts up) While I'm standing right there! I wasn't in the mood to have to redo everything, so he got clunked on his rump.

But the question remains, is he smart enough to be a practical joker? What other pleasure does a little donkey get out of pushing over a wheelbarrow?


  1. I know almost nothing about donkeys, but I have learned to never, ever underestimate the wit and sophistication animals in general. In my experience, they're a whole lot smarter than we humans usually give them credit for. Squidge the squirrel taught me a lot about that! :)

  2. Yes....does that ring a bell. My two will leave the hay pile to "play" with the shovel or wheelbarrow, and tip it over.