Sunday, February 14, 2010

Spring Fever??

The donks were in fine form a couple of days ago during evening feed. I had to stop my clean-up duties to watch, not being sure what was going on. All three of them were running around full blast kicking out with their back feet. Round and around with no difficulty in the deep snow. At first I thought Dudley had startled them, but I've never seen them react like that. Finally all three stormed out of the yard into the pasture and that seemed to brake the whole affair. They sauntered back and there were a few more kicks at each other, but mostly that high-energy display had petered out. I made darn sure the wheelbarrow was between them and me during the escapade.


  1. Is this what's known in Donkeydom as kicking up your heels? ;)

  2. Oh what fun! My Emily gets really "excited" when the 4-wheeler comes into her area be it with a load of hay or to plow a path, she runs around shaking her head at it and kicking her heels up at it.

  3. We call this the donkey rodeo around our place. It gets pretty wild sometimes, and yes, it's wise to have something in between you and the donks. Although, I haven't been injured -- yet :) It's so fun to watch. Many times I've noticed they spy something in the woods or neighboring pasture, such as deer... and that's what gets them "worked up". Deer and turkeys can really get them started! I enjoyed your description of the Long Eared Rodeo! -Tammy