Friday, February 5, 2010

A Red Letter Day

Holy moly, two exciting events. Firstly, Gabriella allowed me to snuggle head-to-head tonight for the first time. This IS a red letter day. Fran stepped forward as if to say, "Hey, wait a minute, that's my job!" As with most animal owners, I'm trying to acclimate them to touches everywhere so they won't be skiddish if a medical emergency requires holding or touching in odd places.

Second exciting event -- a fellow miniature donkey owner from Missouri found me via the blog. Her blog is much more elaborate -- I'll get there! Her two cuties, Rubie and Gracie, look stunning in their millinery finery! What fun!


  1. You are too kind :) So glad to find you, Janet! I love your donkeys' names also. They are just an adorable trio! That is fantastic about the progress with Gabriella today!

    If you are in or around MO, you would also love the miniature donkey shows at the MO State Fair in August. If you search my blog for 'state fair' and scroll down a bit, there are a few pics of the costume contest. I think you'll like that! Nope, I don't take my girls, but it's fun to go watch!

    Going to follow your blog now so I don't lose track of ya :) Again, nice to 'meet' another mini donk 'parent'! Stay in touch! -Tammy

  2. Very neat for you to have connected--both with Gabriella and with your new friend! I see increased inspiration in your future... ;)

  3. I saw you on Tammy's blog, and see as Tammy put it you are a mini donk"parent", I am also. Max and Emily. Yours are beautiful!