Friday, February 26, 2010

... to the Rescue

Went out for evening feed tonight and you'd never know there had been deep trails zig zagging through the snow from the gate to the shed (made by me, the wheelbarrow and three donkeys). Gone... as a result of more snow and wind today. Needless to say, there were no new tracks made by the donks, just three faces peeking out of the shed.

Luigi had icicles hanging down over his eyes and was an excellent patient while I held his head firmly and pulled them off. It's a good feeling to know they're becoming more sure of me and would allow it. Franny was minimally iced up, but she's been my snuggle bunny for awhile now so I expected her to let me get right in there. Miss Gabby didn't need any emergency de-icing which is just as well since I think she would have put up a stink.


  1. Oh, poor babies they look so sad with icicles forming on wonder what they think, it can't bother them too much. Sorry about your snow!

  2. Oh my! At least you had a good patient there to work with. I'm glad they're trusting you more. Isn't that a great feeling? Hope your snow is melting by now. Ours is, little by little. -Tammy