Saturday, June 14, 2014

Donkey Love

Koren has been the donkey's farrier for most of their lives with us.  The first farrier I used was a sad case, and that's being nice.  So when Koren first came on board, the donks were a little rambunctious and holding them still for her was a problem.  Now, however, the situation has changed, an understatement to be sure.

They adore her.
This was from her most recent visit last week.
Koren is attempting to work on Fran (with the halter on) while Luigi (on the left) gets closer and closer.  He frequently likes to pull her apron and steal her tools.  As he does this he moves very very slowly so as to be invisible.
Gabby is literally in her lap.

Fran is the only one in the group who would have preferred the work at hand take priority.

Whenever its a farrier day, I tell the donkeys in the morning that their favorite Koren is coming and they cheer and sing her praises.


  1. Love this! You have the most adorable bunch of donks there.. and it's quite apparent they ♥ their Koren :) Thanks for sharing.. made my day. -Tammy

  2. Isn't it funny how animals take to nice people. They are so cute!

  3. Love your Donks, J! Good story. . .made me laugh with photo!