Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Let the Shedding Begin!

I was concerned the first summer the donkeys lived with us as their "shedding out" calendar was remarkably later than the horses.  Now I'm used to it and we now begin the comb-and-brush-like-crazy routine.

Well, here you get to see how silly three little faces look as they begin the shedding process.  Faces only a mother could love.

Here Gabby is modeling for you.
See how the area running down from her eye is not bushy and thick...

A little harder to see on Fran but the different colored patches on her face are peeking through.

And here's Luigi.  You can see he's lost a lot more of the eye covering than Franny.  
It will be a while before they achieve their sleek summer look.  But its the look I love best.


  1. They all three look adorable, J. But Luigi. . . oh my!! He's such a doll face!

    1. Now how did I know that's the face you would comment on -- lol.

  2. All that fuzziness is so cute. I did not know that donkeys shed. I still have hopes of getting one...or two! My dream! Love your pictures!