Sunday, June 8, 2014

Typical Summer Day with Three Donkeys

Now that warm-to-hot weather is upon us, the new pasture regime is mornings only.  During the week, I let them out into the pasture in the morning before work and Rick retrieves them after about four hours.  This allows our pasture to thrive for the entire duration of the summer.  Surprisingly the donkeys are nearly always ready to come in; doesn't usually take much coaxing.

Here Fran and Gabby willingly come in with only my call to beckon (noontime).

  Everyone immediately went to the water trough and I turned on the box fan in the shed 
(which you can barely see behind the divider)

Then it was a hay snack.  What a life!

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  1. Can you say "pampered?" Hee haw.. what a great life indeed! -T