Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Its a Good Day for Hope

This weekend I was beside myself (again) with worry over my horse Natural.  It seemed things were at a pretty low point and the path ahead was clear -- he'd have to be put down in the not too distant future.
We've lost three dogs, two cats and a horse over the years but losing Natural, my first horse and good friend, seems too much to contemplate

However, today Dr. Weaver, an equine chiropractor and acupuncturist came to treat the boy.  Dr. Weaver also believes Natural fell sometime during the winter (as does the massage therapist) and that things might not be as bleak as I thought.

So today, I'm going to be Pollyanna and have a little hope.  The view may change, but that's today's outlook.  

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  1. Sorry I missed this post. Sure hope Natural is doing better. We love our animals, don't we. They become like family members.