Sunday, January 11, 2015

A Joyful Day

Sunday is always a red star day on the donkey calendar because its grain day.  Oh yes, a special day indeed.  Once a week they're allowed a small portion of the tasty stuff.

This morning I removed the lid from the grain can and immediately Gabby, the voice for the group, started a heart-felt version of the song of joy.

We always keep the lid bungee'd on the can, mainly to keep raccoons or other mischief makers out.   Clearly Luigi belongs in that group.  He knows to grab the cord and shake, in hopes that lid will pop off.

During this cold spell I've been throwing mid-day hay for the gang and here's a shot of the luncheon table today.

Luigi and Gabriella enjoyed their snack while Fran was glued to my side.  She stayed glued at dinner feed too and I'm not sure if she had not received her quota of head scratching or was checking coat pockets.

I, of course, obliged with both the scratching and carrots.  Spoiled???

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  1. Oh, I would have to spoil them too. They are such sweetie pies.