Friday, January 16, 2015

Compassion, Mercy, and Simon

Very occasionally I'll read a book that strikes a deep chord and resonates with my insides.  And I feel changed.

Such a book was Saving Simon by Jon Katz.

One of the donkey groups I belong to on Facebook brought it to my attention.  I've read many of Mr. Katz's books and thoroughly enjoy his style and stories.  So I purchased a copy just before Christmas. I was looking forward to an enjoyable tale about a donkey.

The book was that and much more.  It spoke of Simon, his abuse, rescue and rehabilitation. But it spoke of compassion and mercy.  In ways that resonated with my insides.  And so I am now connected to this book.

When I was about mid-way through the book, I read on Jon Katz's blog that Simon had died.  And I wept.  I wept for Simon and Jon and for myself having just lost my horse.  The grief poured out anew.

At the end of the book when an animal featured in the story died, I wept yet again. Sometimes its hard to let go.  And Jon talked about that too.

You might want to check at your library and see if they own a copy.  Read it for the donkey story, but you may be surprised at your perception of compassion afterwards.  I was.  

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