Friday, January 2, 2015

Hallelujah -- Worming Made Easy

Today was a banner day -- I tested out a new method of worming the donks and it worked!

I belong to a few donkey groups on Facebook so don't know which one posted this tip.  The discussion centered around worming and one person said she took a half piece of white bread, spread the paste wormer on it, folded, and then crimped the edges to make a little bread pocket filled with wormer.

Now I used to worm my horses myself before the barn started taking over that task, so I'm well aware of all the antics associated with worming.  Head throwing was Natural's favorite technique to throw paste wormer all over everything but the inside of his mouth.  The donks have been easier, but I still find by the time I reach the third victim, he/she has had time to eyeball the situation and decide no, I don't think I'll participate.

Anyway, since we don't keep white bread in the house, this morning I took a piece of pumpernickel out at morning feed and tested the beasts.  Holy Toledo.  They loved it!  Francesca paticularly.  She has never stretched out that neck and head so far to get at what was in my hand.  Not for carrots or apples.  But a piece of pumpernickel, that's another story.

This afternoon they received their wormer bread pockets and gobbled them.  Of course I used carrot pieces as chasers and everyone was happy -- especially me!



  1. That is so neat! And good to know. Just in case I get two little donkeys. :)

  2. My donks are super easy to deworm. One I always have to do last, as she grabs on to the tube and sucks out everything left, quick as a flash