Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Thank You Donkeys

When its snowing, even a light snowfall, three little donkeys choose to stay sequestered in their shed. They'll tolerate a wee bit of snow on their backs, but enough is enough.

Look closely at a face peeking out.

Anyway, this allows me the pleasure of cleaning out the shed yet another time during one day. Staying in the shed all day = much pooping in one location.

Mornings are my get-the-place-spic-and-span time.  Move the bedding to find wet spots, locate as much of the manure droppings as possible, sweep the stall mats.  Adding more shavings is left for the final get-them-ready-for-bed late afternoon.

And of course, when its snowing and I need to clean out the shed yet again, they want to be crowding in with me because getting wet is totally unacceptable.  Sometimes its amusing. It wasn't this morning.

So, thank you donkeys for the privilege of cleaning up after you.  My little royal trio.


  1. Maybe the little darlings would like a "carport" attached to the front of their domicile. Then they could come out without encountering the dreaded wetness! They are lucky to have such a loving "Mama" to spoil them!

  2. Just stopped by to say, as a fellow mini-donkey owner, I am enjoying your blog.