Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Alice, the Perfect Donkey Patient

This donkey nurse appreciates the perfect donkey patient.  Yup, sweet Alice.

At the end of last week's saga posting, I mentioned Alice was having some difficulties.  The vet's diagnosis was white line, a fungal hoof issue.  Treatment:  hoof soaking followed by farrier care.

The girl could not have been more cooperative.

She endured 45 minutes during the first round, followed immediately by another 30-minute feet-bagged-and taped treatment.  Of course, she got the barn all to herself with lots of hay to keep her amused.  Mellow and content were her middle names.

Not so mellow and not so content were the other three hooligans.

Luigi was banging on the barn gate yelling, "Hey you dirty screws.  Let her out, she ain't done nothin' wrong!"  Or perhaps it was more, "Wait one minute, why does she get all the hay?"  Either way, he was quite persistent in trying to jimmy that steel gate.

All the while, Alice simply observed her fellow donkadonks with an unperturbed eye.  She told me confidentially, foot soaking isn't half bad.


  1. What sweet faces :)
    I'd say she is a fan of spa day from here on out !
    Hope she heals quickly.

  2. Do hope little Alice feels better soon (she's certainly getting some excellent treatment). Never heard of this condition before but it sounds like it is treatable and then Alice will be back with a spring in her step. I reckon the other donks are envious of the personal attention Alice is getting. Kind regards.