Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Icy Conditions in Donkeydom

The technical term for conditions at our teeny farm is "icky".  Monstrously icky.

The most recent snow dump was obliterated by pounding monsoon-like rain.  The rain melted the snow, but not the ice below.  So, old ice was uncovered with new ice joining it.

Not the snow, just the god-forsaken ice.  Which we now have a lot of.  Want some?

Once again, I have to strap on my cleats each and every time I go out to tend to the chickens and donks.


Even these beauties are not fool proof.  But they help.

When you're walking on pure ice, nothing helps.  My balance is bad and my knees are those of a 90-year old so I'm doomed.
As I walk up the driveway I have to zig over here and zag over there to try to find some decent footing.  Tomorrow will be another challenge; as I write this I hear the rain coming again.  Below freezing temps do not bode well for an easy walk. 

 And the donkey yard is not much better.  

It's not easy to discern that the dark area and the white area is ice.  Pretty much everywhere.  There's just a bit of slushy snow along the fence line.  I have followed the donkeys' lead to use that route in getting to the barn.

Trying to find a spot to feed the donkeys where the footing is better is challenging.

But through the snow and the rain and the ice, the best dog in the world simply waits for me to finish chores so we can walk back to the house together.  

Yup, that's my boy.


  1. Gosh it does look treacherous!! We have not really had it very cold (yet) here in UK. We have had rain, rain and more rain. My garden and chicken run are like a mud bath. Getting fed up with being soaked and full of mud each time I go out of the back door. Roll on Spring and lets look forward to some better weather. Love the photo of your dog, he's beautiful.

    1. I feel your pain with the mud. I'll be singing your exact words in a couple of months.