Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Icy Dicey Saga Continues

Icy conditions on the driveway path to the animals worsened yesterday.  Yes, I was fit to be tied. Useless energy, of course.  It was with much trepidation I made the morning trip out to donks and chicks.  I vowed, however, to curb my bad humor.

At lunch I feared for donkey safety as well as my own so made a shavings path from the barn to the gate.

Brilliant!  Worked like a charm.
All of us used it with ease. 


Conditions improved today with the second day of warm temperatures.  Moods improved.  Donkeys had more area to walk around in their yard, with sure footing, and I could maneuver more confidently.  Three cheers for the weather, please.

For some reason, though, donkeys wanted to eat dinner inside tonight.  Fickle beasts.

 Francesca stopped munching long enough to investigate the phone in my hand.  She was certain there was a piece of carrot lurking in the vicinity. Absolutely certain.

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  1. Good thinking Janet with the pathway!! Glad it worked for you and the Donks. Roll on Spring, that's what I say. We have not had it very cold (so far) in the UK but we have had so much rain. My garden and chicken run is like a mud bath. Really getting fed up with this dreary weather. I can't wait until Spring!