Sunday, January 15, 2017

Bovine Beauties

Meet the current set of characters who live next door.  

My oh my, I love the way they come running for carrot treats.

Cute as those faces are, the impudent group has the gall to yell at me (literally) when the daily carrot supply runs out.  I show them empty pockets, but they are not convinced.

I remind them a new supply will appear as a breakfast treat the next day and all is again right with the world.    


  1. Oh, don't they have cute faces! Just read your last post. My sister gave me a pair of those things you strap onto your shoes to walk in the ice. Icy weather is the worst kind when you have animals to care for. Hope your melts away soon.

  2. They are definitely "Bovine Beauties", but aren't they cheeky shouting at you when their treats have finished. You have started something now and they will expect treats every time they see you and they'll never believe you when you say that they are all gone!! Lovely photos.