Sunday, January 22, 2017

No Ice in our Donkey World

This is the sight I've been waiting for...anxiously.

No ice!

I can't tell you what a relief it is to not be tackling the treachery of that frozen stuff.

However, now we have mud.  Just as my blog friend Louise from the UK was describing.
But, I'm not complaining.  Even though it's oozy, boot sticking, and slimy.  I'll take it in place of the i.c.e.

The oozy, slimy donkey yard  

 It's tricky finding a high area that is relatively dry to throw hay and straw.  Today, for the first time in quite a while the donks were allowed in the "compound" -- the fenced area surrounding the house.  Maybe about an acre.  Finally I felt it was safe for 16 little hooves to meander in the vicinity without fear of slipping accidents.

 This is a failed panorama photo of the donkey yard, but its so goofy it makes me smile.

And we cannot forget our friends the cows, whom you met recently.

These are the outraged stares I get when I leave the area without throwing yet more carrots.

To tell the truth, just between you and me, I think they get affronted rather easily.  But mums the word.


  1. I'm glad too that your ice is gone. We have mud. The chicken lot smells just like a pig pen. I'm wondering if the ground will ever dry out around here, and it's pouring rain this morning. The pictures are cute and that cow does look puzzled.

  2. Oh dear, those pig-like odors are definitely not pleasant.

  3. I hate mud. It can be slippery too, so be careful. But at least it's not ice.

  4. Hopefully you will be a bit safer in the mud Janet than the ice (just thought I'd send you some mud over from the UK for a change). I'm sure the donkeys don't mind too much about the mud, they all look very happy. I'm sure the cows don't mind either (as long as you are giving them carrots). You're spoiling them you know. Take care.