Monday, March 22, 2021

Passive Aggressive Donkeys

The girls are obsessed about the Equine Senior.  The vet had advised to keep the donks on the extra feed until the pasture comes in.  Which will be toward the end of May.  So for now, the girls get extra rations on a daily basis and they L-O-V-E it.  In fact when I've provided hay and straw, but have not yet gotten to the Senior, they take matters into their own hands.  I get blockaded.

On this occasion, Spice planted herself directly in front of me, while Sugar had me blocked on my right.  The barn door was on my left so I could not move.  At all.  

Usually when I'm told what to do by the donkeys I dig my heels in and say "you're not the boss of me".  But, clearly...

Here I had tried to ignore the donkey directives but Gabby made sure to keep an eye on me while I was in the chicken coop.  And that right ear is fine tuned in my direction.  Clearly I could not escape.

*  *  *  *  * 

My intention for this post was to provide some close ups.  How anyone gets clear, in focus close-up shots of their clucks is beyond me.

a group shot pose (7 of the 9 girls).

Aha, gotcha!  Now the problem is I don't know if that's Lu(lu) or Joannie

Goldie paused briefly 

While Pegs demonstrates how climbing in the treat bowl guarantees success 

And my lovely girl Gabby willingly paused in mid bite for a glamour shot

As always we conclude with a shot of Luigi

Hope you're grazing happily, my boy


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