Monday, March 8, 2021

Typical Chonkey Shenanigans

 Most mornings follow a pretty standard routine.

Throw hay for the donks.  Let the hens out.  Clean up manure. Clean out the coop.  Throw straw for the donks and then give them Equine Senior.

Saturday morning things went on as usual.  Chickens played in the hay aisle while I cleaned.

But then --  there was a mild revolt!

Hay had been thrown in the pasture, but was abandoned.  Straw was abandoned as well.

(Although one of the hens wanted to investigate the straw.)

It seems the donkeys sent Sugar to the Boss Lady to negotiate for Equine Senior now.

Gabby was trying to appear aloof in the background to see how the talks were going.  Let me say we stuck to the boss' schedule.

But finally donkeys got what they wanted and hard feelings flew out the window.

As an aside, yes we still have ice on the driveway which means I still have to wear cleats (!!!)
I am not too proud to say I drive my vehicle out to the donks when I don't have to haul water, just to avoid the cleats.  Rick thinks it's silly, but I hardly let that deter me.

Today temps rose to the lower 60's.  So while we're experiencing a mudfest in the donkey yard, with areas of small lakes, there is still ice in the driveway.  If my prayers go answered, it will melt enough to allow a clear path all the way up the driveway.  

As yet another aside, those who have been with me for a couple of years know we established a Little Free Library in the summer of 2019.  Although many LFL stewards put their's outside their homes, ours is about 10 minutes away.  I hadn't been in a bit because of snow and weather considerations.  Today I drove over and this is what greeted me.

Books stuffed in every which way to the extent the door on the right would not close.  This is pretty typical.  And it drives me c-r-a-z-y.

The positive note is that users are indeed sharing books, but I just wish they'd figure out how to do it neatly.  Every time this happens I have to literally pull out every book and start re-arranging.

One can always hope.

Fabulous Luigi


  1. Hi Janet - Always love your videos. Your girls look great and they are always so vocal. Hope those donkeys are behaving themselves. Good luck with keeping the lovely little library tidy. It sure looks like it is getting a lot of use, which is a good thing. Perhaps a polite notice is in order. On the chicken front, I have a question for you. One of my youngsters Vera is pulling Aggie's feathers out and eating them!!!! There is absolutely no aggression there, I just thinks she likes the taste of the feathers. I have uped their calcium (they have lots of oyster shell and grit and egg shells every day, plus probably too many mealworms). I have tried anti pecking spray and vaseline and coated poor Aggie in it and also put on purple antiseptic spray. So Aggie has a bright purple neck and I am also covered in the stuff!! I took drastic action the other night and put Aggie to bed with old Violet (who is not bothered about pecking any more thank goodness). Vera - the perpetrator - went in with Ivy. I think this pecking is going on more behind closed doors. If Vera starts on Ivy I know Ivy will peck her straight back and hopefully this will teach her a lesson - that is the theory anyway. I worried all night if everyone had gone to their new beds and would they all be in one piece in the morning. Luckily all were alive the following morning!! I am going to keep this up and see how we go. Just wondered if you have ever had this issue - I certainly haven't. Thanks Janet.

    1. Louise, don't think I can be much help. Haven't had this happen -- I've had minor bullying but not feather pulling. Do they plenty of room to roam? Could it be tight quarters?