Monday, March 1, 2021

Tidbits From the Teeny Tiny Farm

 The good news -- 

Do you hear the clock ticking?  Yea, not much good news.

Donkey blankets came off about a week ago and the girls were greatly relieved.

We've had some gloriously sunny days recently (although not today) and the hen girls are drawn to those sunny patches in the porch.

I thought Marigold was in a bad way not long ago.  She was lethargic, first sign of trouble.  Then Rick found an empty egg membrane hanging from her derriere.  Based on advice from a local chicken group she got the spa soak in Epsom salts and a blow dry.

  I don't think she was raving to her friends about the services...  Nor did she leave a tip.

I was worried about her, but after a couple of days she seemed to bound back, running around with the rest of her cohorts.

As for the bad news --

 Half of the driveway leading to the chonkeys is walkable.  We've experienced warming temps and freezing at night.  The cycle has again made the driveway treacherous, and I don't use that term loosely.  Even with cleats.  It's some scary stuff.

And what I could not bring myself to tell you last week -- we lost Lily.  Exactly one week after Luigi.  She had been in the basement for several days, to make sure she was warm and not being harassed.  The last few days we were hand feeding her with applesauce, yogurt and blended oatmeal.  And finally it became clear we had to let her go.

When Marigold showed signs of distress, I honestly did not think I could face it.

And I need not mention, sweet Luigi is missed




  1. So sorry Janet that you have lost Lily and only a week after poor Luigi. Very sad times for you and again I send you lots of virtual hugs and good wishes.