Sunday, January 31, 2010

Izzy and Lenore

I felt an instant connection to the book. The opening line: "The arrival of three goats - a phrase that, for most of my life, it would have shocked me to write - has altered my morning routine". Wow, instant connection. I'm familiar with the author, Jon Katz, who writes about his dogs and life on a small farm in upstate New York. The brood includes the newly arrived goats, sheep, Elvis the steer, and his border collies. Next connection. Jon trains to become a hospice volunteer and his dog, Izzy, takes on the training too. The profound impact Izzy has on the hospice patients is amazing. Last year I was trying to figure out if our dog, Dudley, could be used to visit nursing homes. I decided he was too rambunctious and dropped the idea. Reading this book has brought the idea home with full force. It's something Duds and I have to do. What you say, does this have to do with the donks?. Absolutely nothing. However, I was thinking today what a delicious idea it would be to take the donks to a nursing home. They would have to make a hit!


  1. LOL... they'd make a great hit... until they left their first "gift" on the floor! :)

  2. I've often thought about taking my li'l donks to visit a nursing home. I tried to make a comment earlier & think I messed it up somehow. Anyway, just found your blog today (your mini donks are adorable). I have two little jennets, Ruby & Gracie. We'd love to have you come visit our blog sometime :) -Tammy

  3. Tammy, I found your blog and think I made a comment. Let me know if it's there. Your blog is wonderful -- teach me!