Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Donkey Mind

One can only imagine the internal dialog for those three hairy hyenas. They have an acre of land to roam on -- maybe 2/3 of it (with a separate gate) we'll call the "pasture" and the remaining third we'll call the "yard". The yard contains the shed, water, and has the gate to the outside world.

Little donkey minds must determine that it's not in good form to develop too many paths in this acre of land. No, no, not good indeed. In the yard they have formed a path from the shed to the outside gate, another path from the shed to the gate, but around the bush, a path from the outside gate to the pasture gate and lastly, a path from the shed to the pasture gate. And ONE path in the pasture. That's it. And they only walk in the paths. At this point in the winter the paths are pretty brown, so it's absolutely clear that these paths are it. Now, I'm describing the winter scene; I'm not sure what their patterns are in the summer without a snow covering to divulge their actions.

AND, apparently the rule book says you're only allowed to walk single file. Always. ALWAYS. The only exception is if the big bad black lab spooks you. Then you're allowed to scatter willy-nilly. But otherwise, s-i-n-g-l-e f-i-l-e.

I wonder sometimes...

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  1. Yes the single file, mine do that too. A path to the "hut" and around back and back to the barn. Mine live with a quarter horse so he breaks all the snow trails. Now in the summer, they travel everywhere. They are so fun to watch.