Friday, January 15, 2010

Dudley's Pleasures

Our 70 lb black Lab mix is certain we acquired the donkeys just for his entertainment and pleasure. The day starts with Dudley asking, asking, asking if he can go out with me to feed the donkeys. I almost always say no. First thing in the morning I'm not ready to deal with the black idiot running around in the dark. In the late afternoon the same question repeats itself. "Please, please can I go out with you", he implores. More than half the time I say yes.

Dudley's donkey pleasures:
1. Belly-slithering under the gate to enter donkey domain.
2. Eating donkey manure. Yum, yum.
3. Waiting until I'm not looking to run into the shed to see if he can lick the
bowls clean. He now has learned if I say sharply, "OUT!" with an arm pointing
to the gate, you better get your buns out of there.
4. Walking to the manure pile with me. Just a good excuse for a little walk.
There's always something intriguing along the way.
5. Running around the donkey yard until one of the donks, usually Luigi,
has had enough and threatens him (with kicking, not biting). Rick and I think it's turned into a game since no one gets within striking distance.

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  1. I'm loving your blog! Great fun to hear about the donkeys