Sunday, January 3, 2010

Too Darn Cold

Noticed yesterday (5 degrees) that NO ONE wanted to be touched. Now usually Fran and I have a little head-to-head cuddle as part of the breakfast routine, but not yesterday. Even Luigi, Mr. Social, said "don't touch me!" Because of the cold???

Today (1 degree) I made my famous hot slop, usually reserved for Natural the (best) horse. A few hay cubes, a little bran, carrots, and apple peel all mixed together with hot water. Divided it up three ways for the donks. Everyone said, "no way". What gives? Natural thinks it's heavenly and gobbles it up, licking the bowl clean.
Maybe it was too hot for the donks??

I'm still trying to figure these three amigos out! But sure having fun in the process -- yes, even in 1 degree weather.

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