Friday, January 8, 2010

Question of the Day

So why don't the donks like to be touched when they're snow-covered? Tried to brush off everyone's back today, and they kind of slithered away from my hand.

It is surprising how sensitive they are to my mood. If I get impatient or irritated and raise my voice, they scatter. I have to sweet-talk them back down off the ledge. As I think back, though, I do remember the days when Natural (remember, he's the horse) would react to my angry voice. I'd be riding and he'd do something stupid, I'd raise my voice and I could feel him get a little shaky underneath me. Those days are long gone! He knows me too well now.


  1. I wonder if they don't like to be touched in the cold because their fur provides a layer of "warm air insulation" that is disturbed by the pressure of a touch? Seems like my dim memory tells me that's how wild animals stay warm enough to survive in winter...?

  2. Interesting thought. I continue to compare them to my horse and he has never balked at being touched, even in the coldest weather. But, you could be right.

  3. Ok, I thought the snow on the back thing was just my donkeys...odd!