Sunday, January 10, 2010

Everyone Has Their Own Eating Style

One MUST remember:
- Luigi doesn't particularly like to eat his hay outside. But he's learned to wait while I clean up manure in the shed (and this morning it was, yet again, a hellacious mess) to throw hay. Meanwhile Gabs and Fran contentedly munch the hay I throw outside.
- Separate the pigs when it comes time to the grain. Fran will start at one bowl for a bite or two, then decide Luigi's bowl looks better and try to push him out of the way. Sometimes I stand there and referee.
- Put Gabby's bowl outside so no one else eats her grain. I call everyone to come for grain, and Gabby's still outside with the hay. I absolutely know one of the other two pigs (mentioned above) will eat her share if I don't take it out to the Precious Princess. This morning I again offered curb service to her and, at some point, Fran tried to move in. Oooh, Gabby was having none of that! Shoved her right out of the way. Interesting how they all will push each other forcefully out of the way but so far no one has gotten shovey with me -- thank goodness!

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